About Our Bishop

Bishop Michael Babin

Bishop Michael Babin was born in 1955 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1962, he attended Holy Name Catholic School until the third grade. At the age of 7, while serving as an altar boy in church, he heard the voice of God, calling him for work to be done. He was sent back to Louisiana in the fourth grade, where he lived with his aunt and was the only one of his four siblings who was able to spend time with his grandfather. He went back to California later to complete the eighth grade at Holy Name; ninth and tenth grade at Holy Rosary back in Louisiana, and then back again to Los Angeles, California, where he attended and graduated from Mount Carmel All-Boys Catholic High School.

After graduation, Michael joined the United States Marine Corp in Oceanside, California. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Cookie, for 45 years. They have three children, two sons and a daughter, and five grandchildren, three boys and two girls.

In 1976, he attended Palomar College in San Marcos, California and progressed on to attend Portland State University, where he received a full ride athletic scholarship to play basketball. After college, he became a professional basketball player, where he traveled overseas to play in France. Throughout his career, he also played in Mexico, where he led his team to win a championship. In the latter part of his professional career, he went on to play in the NBA in Los Angeles, where he was drafted by the San Diego Clippers.

Shortly after, Bishop had left his NBA career behind when he was faced with the decision to chose between his basketball career or to follow God. He chose to respond to the voice of God and the call that was on his life.

He left his secular job and started his ministry on the streets of downtown Oceanside. From that moment on, the fire of God was ignited in him and he went on to demonstrate the love and divine power of God through salvation, healing, and deliverance.

Bishop started the ministry as a Christian bookstore in 1983, where he offered complimentary coffee and donuts to the homeless. To this day, the ministry is still in existence and is known as “Genesis Ministries International”. In 1987, Bishop Babin started his local allotment, Genesis the King’s Church, by the direction of the Lord, and is also still standing strong.

In 1989, having already been ordained several times, he was ordained as a pastor by Bishop Earl Paulk at Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1997, he became ordained as a bishop and his wife, Cookie was ordained a pastor in London, England. Bishop Michael Reed and Bishop Benson Idahosa, representing Europe and West Africa, respectively, were the residing bishops present for this event.

Bishop’s ordination is under the International Community of Charismatic Churches (ICCC). He is also a prophet to the Community of Apostolic Churches (CAC) and the Apostolic Ministries and Churches International (AMCI) under the direction of Archbishop George Kouri. In addition, he was affiliated with the Prophet Kim Clement with Prophetic Image Express and traveled around the world with him for over 30 years until the day he transitioned to Heaven.

In 1999, Bishop Babin received his Masters in Theology at Vision International University under Dr. Stan DeKoven. In 2007, he received his doctorate in Apostles Theology, at the Apostles Theological Seminary under Archbishop George Kouri.

Bishop Babin has established churches in Hawaii, throughout all of West, East, & South Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines. His heart is to have people experience and feel what he has felt — to feel the love of God from the least to the greatest, from the streets to Corporate America, all the way to Capitol Hill.